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Stop or pause import

I’ve been experimenting with using ef to provide fast searching to our documents. So I have been importing an existing file structure of many gigs.
During import the response of the mac is quite severely hit.
So I sometimes need to pause import, so I can get on with real work, or want to kill import in the event of an error (hopefully now overcome).
I know there are the little crosses in the activity window, but have not managed to successfully close down all import.
A simple button to pause and/or cancel import would be great. Or am I missing something as usual?

At present, each level of folders in the import creates a new entry in the Activity Viewer, and clicking the X button cancels just the one clicked. This can be useful, e.g. if you are importing a large folder structure and want to skip a few subfolders. However, I agree that you should be able to cancel the entire import by cancelling the topmost entry; I will try to get that into the next update.

I don’t recall which version made the change (it was a while ago), but the current behavior is that you can cancel the entire import by cancelling the topmost entry.