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Storing EF data in dropbox?


I was wondering if it would be safe to store EF data in dropbox. (I’m not thinking of synchronizing it, but being able to access it from my iPhone and to have a form of backups as well). I read your recent blog post about it, but it’s not clear whether the metadata is stripped from the originating machine or only in machines that have been synchronized.

There’s some more information about this in the EagleFiler manual. In short, if you use Dropbox 0.8 or later (or an encrypted library) you should be fine.

For earlier versions, officially I think all bets are off because they don’t make any claims as to how the synchronization process works. In practice, it seems as though if you never modify a file remotely it will stay intact on the originating machine.

Thanks for the information. I’ll try to update to dropbox 0.8.