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suggestions for EagleFiler-setup

I work as a journalist and will use EagleFiler to store ideas for article as well as a reference database of stuff that might be needed in the future. For the references, it fairly easy to setup the structure: Folders for toplevel kinds, like “information technology”, “society”, “sport”, “quotes” and so on, and then use tags for added granularity.

But for my article ideas, I can’t decide how to do. Most of them will just be a simple text document, which might as well be stored in a folder called “article ideas”. But to quite a few, there will also be some reference material attached. For those article ideas that have a couple of web archives connected to them, I’m thinking of storing in a folder of their own, to keep them together in an obvious way. But that means I’ll soon have maybe a couple of hundred folders to look through when I need to scan the list of ideas.

Ideally, I think at least, would be if there was a way to link between items. That way, I could drop all references connected to an idea into the reference folder structure, keep the textfile that outlines my idea in article idea, and have links to the other items related to the idea.

Two questions:

  1. Is internal linking an option for future releases?
  2. In the meantime/if not, how would you solve my organizing challenge?

Best regards,

EagleFiler has had internal linking since 1.0. If you’re writing a rich text document or a note, you can use the Copy Record Link command on the record you want to link to and then just paste it into the text. In 1.1, you can also drag records into the text to create links in one step.

Unfortunately, 1.1 introduced a bug such that clicking on a link opens a new window but doesn’t select the proper record. This will be addressed in the next update.

Ah. Sorry.

This was fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.1.