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Support for capture from NewsRack?

This is more of a feature request than a discussion thread, I guess. But I just discovered omz:software’s NewsRack is out in Apple’s Mac AppStore. I’ve used it on my iPhone for some time - like it much better than any of the other iOS news readers, and it’s only $6 at the app store for Mac. I tried it, love it. But no import support from EagleFiler! Is there a problem with providing support for capture from NewsRack, or is it just that it’s too new for support to have been added yet?

NewsRack can’t work with EagleFiler’s capture key because it doesn’t support AppleScript.

Oh, bummer.
I guess that means I’ve got to go file a support request over at omz:software. Is there anything special that developer needs to do in order for your to be able to support NewsRack (other than just adding AppleScript support)?

The application needs to provide AppleScript access to the required information (in this case, probably the URL of the selected news item).

Then a capture script needs to be written. That part is generally quite easy once the application supports AppleScript, and I’m happy to do it and build the script into EagleFiler so that the user doesn’t need to install it.

Oh, happy day!
NewsRack has just released an update, which includes support for AppleScript! Do you have what you need now to allow EagleFiler to capture from NewsRack?

I think so. Please contact me via e-mail to beta test.

EagleFiler 1.5.4 can capture from NewsRack.