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tab in viewer pane with a web archive with a form


I’ve discovered that if I tab from the record list pane to the viewer pane when a web archive is shown that contains a form, then the cursor jumps to the form and there is no way to use the arrow keys to scroll around. It would be nice if the first tab jumped to the viewer pane without selecting the form.



Noted, thanks. However, you should still be able to use Page Up and Page Down, and you can click elsewhere in the Web page to take the focus away from the form.

Are you still seeing this problem after updating to EagleFiler 1.2.7 and Safari 3? It seems to be working properly for me.

It now works great: first tab to jump to the viewer, then subsequent tabs jump to forms inside the page, then it jumps to the tag bar, the search bar, the source list, and the record list.

I was so used to not using the keyboard for this that I did not see when it started working.

Minor issue: shift tabbing works, but it’s not exactly backward: if I tab from record list to the viewer, shift tab makes me select the forms in backward order before I get back to the record list.