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Tag history for autocomplete, how to clear ?

It seems that EagleFiler has too good of memory when it comes to tags. If i mistype a tag and it is saved in, it goes into some kind of tag history EagleFiler has internally. Even if I correct the tag typo and delete the bad tag, EagleFiler continues to show the tag typo in the autocomplete list.

Along same lines, I had this one library open, then opened another library to do a bit of work in that, then closed it. In the first library, it now shows tags from 2nd library in the autocomplete list even if 2nd library is not opened.

Tried close/open EagleFiler app, and that did not help.

OS X 10.6.1
Mac Pro

EagleFiler participates in the global list of recent OpenMeta tags. If you don’t want it to do this, you can click this link. Click this link to turn it back on.

Hey, Bob,

I had the same problem, a misspelled tag that would continue to show up. I came up with a somewhat messy solution:

  1. delete the bad tag from the files in EagleFiler;
  2. get Punakea; it’s a OpenMeta tag manager;
  3. as you’ve already deleted the bad tag from EagleFiler, it will not show in Punakea when you open it. You need to create it again in Punakea;
  4. still in Punakea, delete the tag you’ve just created.

It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but it worked for me. The tag no longer show up in EagleFiler’s autocompletion.

You could also clear out the recent tags from Terminal:
defaults delete com.openmeta.shared recentlyEnteredTags