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Tags and automatic updating

Hi there, I have just downloaded EagleFiler and so far I am very pleased with it. I have used DevonThink in the past and I like how EF can import more formats and has tagging as well. Two questions however:

  1. Regarding tagging files, is EF using the Open Meta standard for tagging as used by apps such as LEAP and Tagit? Are the tags I make in EF readable by anything else or only EF?

  2. DevonThink has a functino called ‘synchronise’ which automatically updates the database with any new files which have appeared on my hard drive in the folders I originally imported or linked to (ie when I first created my database, eg of ‘my documents’) since creating my database. I can’t seem to find this in EF - does it not have it?

Thanks in advance for any help with these queries.

When running on Mac OS X 10.5 or later, EagleFiler uses OpenMeta. It reads OpenMeta tags on files that you import and writes OpenMeta tags when you assign tags in EagleFiler. Once a file is in EagleFiler, you should not use another application to assign OpenMeta tags, as EagleFiler will not re-read them.

EagleFiler can also optionally read and write tags from the Spotlight comments.

EagleFiler picks up changes to files that are already in the library, but it does not have a feature to detect new files (except those saved into the To Import folder).

Thank you - great to get such quick replies - very appreciated. I think I am going to buy EF now - partly because it seems like it has very good support from the developer and also because I like the advantages over DT (not to mention the later’s outrageous price!).



EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files feature now does this.