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Tags: Formatting in Sidebar and Inheritance

Apologies if this is a duplicate but I just posted a thread and can’t see where it went…

I am trying to format the tag names in the sidebar with different colors to reflect the hierarchy I am creating. This looks possible given some screenshots I see on this site. But I can’t get it to work with 1.4. Am I missing something?

Also, is it possible to set up tag hierarchies so that items tagged with a child automatically also inherit the parent tag? I know I can work around this through smart groups but it just seems logical that there should be some inheritance among tag hierarchies, or at least the option for such. As it is, tag hierarchies seem to work more like the container folders for the smart groups.

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You can set the colors using the Tags inspector. Click on the Colors button in the toolbar to open the Colors panel. Then click on a tag in the list and click on a color to change its color.

Currently, tag hierarchy is just for grouping. Please see this thread for more information.