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I’m running spamsieve 2.7.2
On one computer, system 10.4.11. On the other, 10.5.5.

I was having a problem, in that spamsieve wasn’t even opening when spam came through. I trained it as spam, but when I put it back in the inbox and applied rules, nothing happened. I checked the Mail rules, and saw that, for example 10.4.11 computer was showing “Message Type” where it should have said 'Every Message". I changed it back, and now it seems to work fine. I’m not sure what the 10.5 computer says, as it is in another place, but I’m sure that it might have had the same problem (in reverse), as it has occasionally shown the same behaviour.

I’m assuming that this happened because the rules for 10.5 differ from the rules for 10.4, and I have been syncing the Mail rules etc with MobileMe. I presume that Spamsieve would require me to turn this off, although I haven’t seen any documentation about this. I don’t really want to turn this off. Is there any alternative?

Incidentally, It wasn’t set to “Message Type” is “Mail”. It was set to “Message Type” is “0”. I don’t know why that was.

Yes, Mail is not really designed to sync rules between different versions of the OS, and the “Message Type” condition is not supported on 10.4 (which is why it said “0”).

Using “Every message” will work on both 10.4 and 10.5. The catch is that on 10.5 this will also cause SpamSieve to filter non-mail messages, e.g. the contents of RSS feeds. You could perhaps get around this by using a condition that restricts the SpamSieve rule to messages where the Account is your mail account.