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To Import and files changing


Thanks a lot for the new To Import folder, I use it a lot (I have a symbolic link to it on my Desktop as an Inbox, and I use it as my downloads folder as well).

There is a small problem with it however: when a download takes some time, EF may import a partial file and delete it. Could it be possible to check, after importing and before deleting, that the file size has not changed, and if it has cancel the import?

I think if you’re worried about this you shouldn’t download directly into the To Import folder. Checking the file size would only provide the illusion of safety, since it’s entirely possible that EagleFiler would copy the file and find that its size hadn’t changed before the browser saved the next chunk of the file to disk.

Or, I suppose, you could close the library when doing this sort of a download, to prevent an import from being triggered.

Closing the library is not an option unfortunately: rebuilding the index takes about one hour (and this has an strong influence on battery life).

What I’ve done is put a symbolic link to the “To Import” folder in my downloads folder, so I just drag stuff away when it’s done downloading.

That sounds like way too long for the regular index check. How many records are in the library? I wonder if the index is damaged and needs rebuilding.


I have 2813 records. I’m trying to rebuild the index right now (I have not done so for a long time).

I think it’s probably damaged. With that number of records, the index check when opening the library should take much less than a minute.

This was definitely a problem with the index, it now takes about one minute after rebuilding it.

Thanks for the suggestion and the support.