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I have got two questions.

1.) You write that the messages should be approximately 65% spam. Just for the initial training or for all time using spamsieve? In other words: Does it mean that when I open the statistics after one year using spamsieve, there has to be 65% spam?

2.) Is it possible and useful to use Dropbox with Spamsieve? The problem is that I have got two machines (Macbook and iMac). Is there a need for synching?



Just for the initial training. The current version of the manual says:

After the initial training, you don’t have to worry about the number or percentage of messages in the corpus. SpamSieve will automatically learn from new messages as they arrive and keep its corpus properly balanced.

SpamSieve will follow aliases, so you could redirect its Application Support folder to be on Dropbox. However, you would need to take care that only one copy of SpamSieve was running at a time, and that Dropbox had completely synced before SpamSieve launched.

You could manually copy the data files once SpamSieve is well trained on one of the Macs. It’s not necessary to have them perfectly in sync. Another option would be to use the drone setup.