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"Train As Good" erases subject, header info?

Running into a puzzling problem with SpamSieve, where whenever I select Train As Good on a message from my Exchange account, it shows back up in my Inbox with blank header information; no From, or Subject text.

I’m running Mail.app with three accounts; Gmail IMAP, MobileMe, Exchange.

When I Train As Good messages from Gmail or MobileMe, I don’t have the same issue.

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered elsewhere, but in searching the Forums, the manual, and the FAQs, I didn’t see anything like this.

SpamSieve does not modify messages when you train them. All it does is ask Mail to move them to the inbox. If this is causing part of the message to be lost (a problem I’ve not heard other reports of) then there’s a bug either in Mail or in your Exchange server. Perhaps you could work around it by using the Change Settings command to tell SpamSieve not to move the messages to the inbox. Or, it’s possible that telling Mail to rebuild the affected mailboxes would help.