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"Train as Good" moves message to inbox briefly; then it returns to Spam box

I’ve been using SpamSieve together with Apple Mail for many years, generally with great success - for which I have great appreciation!

I’ve been having a problem for a while now in which some good messages are labeled as Spam. Clicking on them and choosing Train as Good appears to move them to the In Box for 1-2 seconds, whereupon the messages move right back to the Spam box. On some occasions after several repetitions I’ve physically moved the email to the In Box and sometimes it stays; but sometimes not. I haven’t found a description of this problem elsewhere; apologies if I missed it.

Other relevant details: I’m running OS X 10.7.4 on 3 Macs (24" iMac, 27" iMac, MBP 17"); on all of them I’m running the current version of Apple Mail and SpamSieve, and I’m using IMAP mail through iCloud.

On a couple occasions I’ve been able to cure the problem by using Train as Good on a different Mac (either by using it physically or by connecting through Back to my Mac). I wonder if one Mac declares it spam and it can’t for some reason be modified on another one.

A solution would be very welcome; a request for more information I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you,

You could look at the logs on the various Macs to see for sure, but it sounds like the problem is that you have three different Macs filtering the same mail account, and their training is out of sync. Please see Using SpamSieve With Multiple Macs.