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Train as good/spam stopped Moving emails again

Train as good/Train as spam have both stopped working.
Failes in Moving emails (nothing happens)-- but applescript
is still working correctly in general (i think).

When i downloaded and ran that tiger script to ‘train as spam’ from
it worked and moved the email I had clicked on/highlited to the spam folder.

what does the success of that test script mean?

Is there a similar script I can download and test run for the ‘train as good’
emails that have been incorrectly placed in the spam folder.

I had similar problem before where applescript stopped working completely
and Ihad to completely reinstall system and os x apps and a bunch of re-updates etc – it was nightmarish.

anyway, any thoughts as well as the other test script would be welcome.

thanks again; great product/service

The difference between the scripts that are built into SpamSieve and the test script is that the test script will report errors by bringing up a dialog box. If the test script works without reporting an error, the normal script should work as well. Since this is not what’s happening for you, my guess is that your normal script files are damaged. Perhaps it would help to download a fresh copy of the SpamSieve application and have it re-install its Apple Mail plug-in.