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"Train Spam" only works for some messages


I’ve been using Spam Sieve for several years now, and it’s made life much, MUCH easier, so a hearty “Thank you!” is in order.

Now here’s my problem:

I use Entourage 2004 11.3.3. Recently, I’ve noticed that the “Train Spam” and “Move Spam” scripts will do what they ought to do for most spam that falls through the cracks, however there are some spam messages in my inbox that seem to resist the scripts, or prevent them from running. I’ve checked the log to confirm that some spam is being trained when I invoke the script, but with the other spam nothing is registered on the log at all.

I’ve tried reinstalling the scripts but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Anyone else encountered this problem? Am I going insane?

[OK, now Entourage is giving me an “unknown error (4362)”, so the problem is probably due to a corrupted Entourage database (and apparently unfixable, as I’ve tried repairing it several times). ]


Are there particular messages for which nothing is added to the log when you use Train Spam? Or is it simply that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t?

Please try opening the attached file in Script Editor. Select one of the troublesome messages in Entourage and then click the Run button in Script Editor. Does it report an error?

Also, just to be clear, there is a difference between Train Spam and Move Spam. Generally, there’s no need to apply the latter manually.