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Training Messages in spam folders

I set up my Outlook rules so that I now have multiple Spam folders where spam is sent based on the Flag color, and I have two basic questions that I’m afraid to say I’m still not sure of.

  1. Does ‘training’ a message as spam in any of the folders help or hurt me or SpamSieve in any way?

  2. I believe I was told in another thread that SpamSieve never deletes anything on it’s own no matter its confidence level. Is that true?

It can reduce the filtering accuracy if you do it too much. After the initial training, I recommend only training SpamSieve to correct mistakes.

That’s right. If desired, you can have it put the more spammy messages in a different folder.

Thanks. One final question. I’ve set up my spam folders as in example 3 here. Is there any way to modify the SpamSieve [Blue] rule to destroy certain messages based on, say, text in the subject, so that I never see them?

You can add rules to SpamSieve’s blocklist that match the subject. Any messages that match the blocklist will automatically be colored blue.

Thanks for that information but I’m hoping to find a way to delete certain spam messages automatically.

Well, you could make a rule in Apple Mail (above the SpamSieve rule) to move certain messages directly to the trash.