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Training question- not sure it's working


Running Entourage 11.3.3 and SpamSieve 2.6.2 here. Not sure if training is working properly.

About half my spam gets properly identified, filtered and moved. When it is not, I run the Train Spam filter. The spam gets properly marked and moved, and it shows up in the log- however, the Statistics window never says less than 100% correct.

Here’s where there may be a clue: almost all the spam that is not automatically put in the Junk E-Mail folder is coming to a specific address (I keep a number of aliases to my main address), and when I check the log on those, it typically says “Predicted: Spam (96)” (or some other high number)- which might explain why it feels it is 100% correct, but why is it not moving it to the Junk E-Mail box in the first place?


I found that the spams were being acted upon by a later rule. I set a a second SpamSieve rule to move mail categorized as Junk to the Junk Email Folder, and I expect that should take care of the issue.