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UI suggestion: Scrolling in preview window

A small thing, but it irritates me: When scrolling in the preview window–say, a pdf–why not have the scrolling move smoothly across the page jumps, rather than smooth scrolling on individual pages, then a sudden jump to the next page when you reach the end of a page?

I find this disorienting, and it doesn’t reflect how scrolling works on multi-page pdfs that are open in PDFPen and other readers.

I prefer pages myself, but you can Control-click in the PDF viewer and choose “Single Page Continuous.” Then it will display as one long scroll.

Ah, I see. “Pages” in Eaglefiler refers to what’s visible in the window as well as the literal pages. So “page down” takes you to the next contiguous block of text.
That’s different from pdf readers, where “page down” moves you down a literal document page–yet scrolling is also continuous.

Now that I grasp the difference, I think I’ll switch to using “page up” and “page down” in the Eaglefiler pdf viewer.

EagleFiler is using the standard Mac OS X PDF view, so it should be the same as in Preview or Skim when they are set to Single Page mode. PDFpen and Adobe Reader may use different engines that work in different ways.