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Unresponsive keyboard when working with Eudora with SpamSieve installed

Dear Michael,

Could it be that SpamSieve is causing Eudora mail to make my keyboard unresponsive when typing mail in Eudora? Or is a problem with Eudora and not SpamSieve. I just bought SpamSieve and installed it as plugin in Eudora 6.2 on a MacBook running Mac OS 10.5.2.

Please advise.

Thanks and best regards,

I don’t think so. No one else has reported anything like that. SpamSieve doesn’t receive any keyboard input with Eudora, and it’s idle except when Eudora asks it to filter or train a message.

Thanks a lot Michael for your quick reply…I’m trying to sort out things on what went wrong with that MacBook. I just upgraded it to Leopard installed SpamSieve and all of the sudden that thing happens. Thanks for the information…

SpamSieve Rocks!
It solves our company’s spam problem…

More Power to you!

Best regards,