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First let me say with all sincerity that SpamSieve is fantastic; it has far exceeded my expectations. Dollar for dollar it’s easily the highest value software I’ve bought. Thanks for such a great app.

Some questions, and forgive me if there’s some documentation that answers them that I’ve missed:

  1. I use Entourage 2004. As time progresses, and contacts get added to and removed from my address book, do I need to do anything to “sync” SpamSieve with these changes?

  2. When upgrading to a newer version, do you recommend trashing the old applescripts and installing a fresh set?

  3. Is there a point at which I should uncheck some of the boxes in the “Training” section of the preferences? (Right now the accuracy is great.)


Hi Brent,

  1. If you’re using a recent version of Entourage 2004 (11.2.3 or later, I think) that supports Sync Services, you should turn on the “Synchronize contacts with Address Book and .Mac” option in Entourage’s preferences. Then there is no need for you to sync anything with SpamSieve; it will happen automatically. If you have an older version of Entourage, then you would need to click the Load button in SpamSieve’s preferences in order to get the new contacts from Entourage.
  2. In general, it’s not necessary to install a fresh set of AppleScripts. If, for some reason, this is desirable then the release notes for that version of SpamSieve will say so.
  3. I recommend leaving “Auto-train with incoming mail” and the three Filters training boxes checked.