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/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus

This just started popping up:

"SpamSieve will now quit. SpamSieve’s word store file is damaged and could not be read. To continue and start a new corpus, you can rename the file

/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus

to CorpusOld.corpus and re-launch SpamSieve. You can also send this file to <spamsieve@c-command.com> to see whether it can be salvaged. The file corruption was most likely caused by damage to your disk’s catalog structures, so you may want to run a disk repair program so that other files are not corrupted in this way."

Okay- I’m confused.

What are you confused about? Do you understand that it’s asking you to rename the Corpus.corpus file? That file is stored in the “SpamSieve” folder inside the “Application Support” folder that’s in the “Library” folder in your home folder.

I’m an idiot… bad day today and I read and re-read that message twenty times… sorry