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using a different editor than text edit

It’s probably something very obvious, but is there to open up text documents with something other than textedit - ie Word or Pages or editor of your choice?
I ended up choosing this program because of the transparent way it stores documents. To me, this gives extra security and flexibility. It would be nice if we had a few more bells and whistles, but this was the basic feature that attracted me. As well as the seamless drop in box. An organizer is no good if it takes a long time to use - ie devon.

Yes, they’re regular files, so you can use the Finder’s Get Info command to choose which application should open each document. Use the Change All button in Get Info to change the editing application for all documents of that type.

Thanks for the quick reply right from the source!
That’s what I thought I could do, but oddly, when I open it, it comes out with an ‘unfiled’ name. I’m not sure why.

I don’t understand. Where exactly are you seeing the word “unfiled”?

sorry i meant untitled - in the title bar of the opening program.
let’s say, i make an rtfd document in eaglemaker, and give it a name and everything. but when i open it with an external editor, either word or pages, it doesn’t seem to take on that name of the file, and when i save, it asks for a name and location. it’s odd.

It would be great if there was a “Open with…” contextual menu item for records. For instance, I sometime need to edit PDFs (which I then open with PDFPen), but most of the time I only need to view them (for which PDFView is better). Right now I “Reveal in Finder” and “Open with…”, but skipping the first step would be handy.

This is because Word and Pages don’t want to read and write the RTFD format. So they will convert what they can, but they create a new untitled document because they want to save it in their own format. (Actually, on my Mac, Word doesn’t seem to understand RTFD at all.)

Yes, that’s on my to-do list.

For now, you might find it easier to drag and drop the file from EagleFiler to PDFView’s Dock icon.

EagleFiler 1.5 adds an Open With menu.