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Using Aliases within EagleFiler

Aliases possible?
my collected material is in no hierachical folder structure and i’m interested to do the “netsting” into folders/tags or something only virtual via a software. I like the way Devonthink handles aliases (but somewhat dislike Devonthink’s overcrowded interface).

My question is, is EF capeable to preserve my material in “one” place, that means in a flat hierarchy?
To be capeable of that it has to require one of the following conditions.
a) nested tagging or
b) real aliases within EF

Is this managable in EF?

Yours, Tom

Yes, EagleFiler supports nested tagging.

But i cannot duplicate a tag say

– Active Project

– Active Project

or am I missing something?

That’s right. Tag names must be unique.

Are record aliases still in the plan?

Yes, they are.

Glad to hear.