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Using SpamSieve for MS Exchange/Hotmail account in Apple Mail

I’m a long time user of SpamSieve and have really loved the product. I currently have a Microsoft Hotmail/Exchange account that I use with Apple Mail. It is setup as an IMAP account.

Lately, my Hotmail account has been hit with a tremendous quantity of Spam. The MS Exchange/Hotmail servers are catching it, but putting it in an IMAP folder labeled “Junk Email”. It does not show up in my Inbox, only in that folder.

My problem is this - because it’s not landing in the Inbox, SpamSieve is not catching it and moving it to my Spam folder. Because I have several email accounts setup in Apple Mail, this results in me having to periodically empty my Spam folder but also manually deleting the Hotmail junk email from that separate IMAP folder.

Is there any way to get SpamSieve to “see” those Hotmail junk emails and filter them just like from the other accounts?

Yes, please see Consolidating Spam From Multiple Filters.