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Using Text Expander to change format of EagleFinder Title

I am implementing a Paperless System with a Scan Snap 1300 and Eagle Filer. I have the SS Manager configured such that the image is "OCR’ed’ and sent to EF.

When I open EF, I want to change the name of the TITLE to simplify future searches. I have written a few basic Snippets that allow me to add the month and day or day via Fill - Ins to the current year and one that allows me to enter the year - month - date along with other repeating data. I have checked these snippets in a couple of apps (Pages, Text Edit, Notes etc) and they work as expected.

The problem I am having is when I go to EF and try to change the title from the generic imported title consisting of current day and a 3 digit pdf identifier. I highlite the entire generic Title, run the shortcut to the TE Snippet I want, fill in the boxes and hit return. I then constantly get a BEEP followed by a return to the original generic Title.

Anyone else using TE with EF successfully?

Thanks, Bill

It works for me when editing a document in EagleFiler’s main viewer. For the Title field, the issue seems to be that bringing up TextExpander’s fill-in window causes EagleFiler to think that you’re done and take the Title field out of edit mode. Then when you dismiss the fill-in window, there’s nowhere for TextExpander to type.

I’ll look into whether there’s a way to make this work better, but in the meantime maybe there’s a way to do what you want without using fill-ins?

Another option would be to write an AppleScript that prompts for your fill-ins and then tells EagleFiler to set the title.

Note: For the File field, you could put %key:return% at the start of your TextExpander snippet. This would make EagleFiler begin editing in the File field before TextExpander types the expansion. Alas, the shortcut for editing in the Title field is Option-Return, which I couldn’t figure out how to do in TextExpander. (Using System Events to simulate keystroke return using option down didn’t work.)

I would like to add my vote to this.

Currently switching from DevonThink Pro Office, I have a set of fill-ins in TextExpander that I use to set various titles after importing or scanning. I was quickly missing this functionality in my workflow.

Would love to try to fix this with AppleScript. I didn’t manage to get the proposed method working, though.


I’m going to try to work around this so that TextExpander fill-ins work in EagleFiler’s main window. Meanwhile, they already work in the Info inspector.

If you post an example of what you’re trying to do, maybe I can write a script.

This is a good workaround for now, thanks!

I was just trying to combine the two scripts you referred to, into one action. However, I am helped with the above. cmd+I, fill-ins, and then ESC to close the Inspector window.

I would be ideal of course if the filename / title was possible to fill-in to, so thank you for putting that on your list.

Feature request: (optional) import dialog box for adding titles and other metadata after scanning.

EagleFiler 1.6.1 fixes this problem.

Thank you, it is appreciated.