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using text notes

I find that when I’m making a text note (I usually double click to create a new window, so I can view other EF files – usually ones I’m taking notes from), I often run into trouble when saving it. I’ll get a warning like, “This file has been changed by another application. Do you want to save and lose changes made by the current app.?” Sometimes the files save just as I’d expect them to, in the place where I created it. Other times I’m prompted to save the file via the “import file” folder. I gather the problem has something to do with the fact the text file exists as a freestanding window and also as a Mail-style window in EF, and you can type into either one.

What am I doing wrong to create these syncing problems? I would think a text file would save smoothly into the folder where it was first created, and that syncing would be more seamless than this.

Please be more specific about what you’re doing. Are you creating the text file using EagleFiler? What is the “import file” folder?

creating text file
Yes, sorry:

I’m using Eaglefiler to create a text note. I’m double clicking on the text note to create a separate window for that text note (rather than just typing in the pre-existing pane of EF). I do that so I can, for example, take notes on various Web pages I have archived in EF, toggling quickly among them.

The complication comes when I want to save that note. I get the curious warning about duplicate files when I hit “command-s,” or when I move to close the note.

By “import folder” I meant the “import to Eaglefiler” folder; not sure what the exact name is. (I.e., the place you’d save a text file if you’d not created it with EF.) I sometimes end up saving the note to that folder.

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If you created the file in EagleFiler and then edit it with another application, you should replace the old file when saving. That is, save it with the same name, in the same place. (This should happen automatically when you use File > Save.) Naturally, if you create a second file with the same content and tell EagleFiler to import it (by saving it into the “To Import” folder) EagleFiler will detect that it’s a duplicate.

Which application is reporting that the “file has been changed by another application”? TextEdit? I’m not sure which application would be changing it. EagleFiler saves the file before telling the other application to open it. Did you go back to EagleFiler and edit the file while it was still open in TextEdit?

I didn’t think I had gone back and edited the content using Eaglefiler, but perhaps I did inadvertantly. Yes, it’s TextEdit that’s giving me the warning.

It’s helpful to know that if I’m confident TextEdit has the latest version of my text, I can save it into the EF folder it originally resided in. For some reason I thought I’d have to re-import it.