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Very Slow Search

I’ve gotten EagleFiler to use for EmailArchive. I am using 2010 MBA. I’ve added 40,000+ emails in about 15 mbox format files. Search is beach balling for > 5 mins when typing the first few letters of a search. Searching for from is pretty much instantaneous. From a couple of other posts on the forums, it seems like something might be wrong.

I love the format of Eagle Filer and want to use but I need to have full search.

I’ve not yet tried the esoteric preference to turn off search as you type as I’m away from this computer.

Any ideas how to see if anything is wrong. I bought EagleFiler from MAS and am using the latest version.

Yes, I would expect full text searching to be very fast for 40,000 e-mails. Please see this page for how you can enable some additional logging to see why the searching is slow. For example, perhaps there is a certain index file that is very fragmented or slow to read. Does your MacBook Air have an SSD or hard drive?

You could also send in a sample report recorded during the freeze so that we can see what EagleFiler was waiting for during that time.

Very slow search here as well

Hi all,

I am facing pretty much the same thing.

I disabled calculation of folder sizes as well as the search while typing esoteric options.

Now its much better, however when I type first letter in search box it takes up to a second for the Eagle to respond. Nothing I can’t live with but it’s strange to me to see a lag because a keystroke.

In my case I exported 100k+ emails to PDF using EMAIL ARCHIVER for long last archive to an EagleFiler Files library and then added to the Eagly by “Scan New Files” which took a while but I expected it to by the amount of files and inherent indexing.

By the way, I love how it de-duplicates, and all within the Eagle is meant for long-term archiving I can relief Spotlight from indexing all of these files, so, if I need to search for anything archived then I go to the Eaglefiler and look up for it :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

I recommend the same thing that I recommended to the original poster above. The logging and sample report can help us figure out what’s causing this.