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Viewing PDFs


I’m wondering how you use EF to view PDFs. Right now, EF displays PDFs with maximized width and non-continuous. As there is no keyboard shortcut to see the next page of a PDF, I usually need to right click to view it as continuous.

Is there a way to make such change stick (i.e. view all PDFs as continuous), or a way to go to the next page when the bottom of the current on is reached?

I like to view it using “Zoom to Fit” without Continuous. When the PDF itself has focus, i.e. when you’ve clicked on it, you can go to the next page using the Down Arrow key. Also, you could use the Keyboard pane of System Preferences to assign a shortcut to the View > PDF > Next Page command; this shortcut would then work even if some other part of the window had keyboard focus.

Ah, nice, I did not know the page down trick. Zoom to fit (which is called “Auto size” when right-clicking, it seems) is nice, but a bit small sometimes.

I had no idea. Now I know how to move from page to page in PDFs.

Another way is to use Customize Toolbar to add Next/Previous Page buttons to the toolbar.

EagleFiler 1.2.4 adds always-available keyboard shortcuts for going to the next or previous page.