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Want to delete messages from server Entourage 2008

I normally leave messages on server as pick up from different computers. The server gets full up so I need to delete from server. In Entourage 2008 I can’t get the applescript below to work. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Darren

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tell application “Microsoft Entourage”
repeat with m in messages of folder “Junk E-mail”
set m’s connection action to remove at next connection
end repeat
end tell

This script tells Entourage to remove the messages in the “Junk E-mail” folder from the server the next time it checks for new mail. So the messages will not be removed immediately.

Also, you may find that this script works better:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
    set msgs to messages of folder "Junk E-mail"
    repeat with m in msgs
        set m's connection action to remove at next connection
    end repeat
end tell

If you have a choice, I recommend using IMAP instead of POP when accessing the same mail server from different computers. It makes these types of issues much easier to handle.

Thank you Michael for your response and help. The new script works but I can’t get it to run within a rule when I check email.

The script is designed to act on the messages in the Junk E-mail folder. If you want to remove incoming spam messages from the server, you should instead use the Change Settings command and tell SpamSieve to remove incoming spam messages from the server.

Thank you for your reply. Since installing OS10.5 or Ms office 2008 - not sure which but I think OS10.5 I am not able to fully use the script in the script menu for settings. It goes as far as the first question (second screen) which asks which folder I want to use for Junk email and then just quits out when i press continue. Any help on this greatly appreciated as it worked brilliantly before I upgraded.

It’s working for me with 10.5.2 and Entourage 2008. Please try choosing “Install Entourage Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu and let it install a fresh copy of the script, replacing the one that you have.

Many thanks. Reinstalled the scripts and after quiting and restarting Entourage the change settings script opened and it appears to be working fine. Thanks


entourage 2008
Oh man, didn’t know 2008 was out yet. Guys, I have some questions for you. Currently we have about 15 macs and are running entourage 2004, which is PAINFULLY SLOW. Mainly the reason why this is slow is because it has to keep synchronizing emails from the server to client and this was an awful mistake that was made in the design of this software. I was wondering if 2008 had the option to leave emails on the server? Im curious to see if they implemented this in the new version. Please let me know, this is a crucial option that we need. Entourage 2004 is just unusable when there are decent sized mailboxes present.

Let me know, thanks Bob

How to delete the messages on exchange server using applescript
May i know whether it is possible to delete the messages on exchange server using “Connection action” property of entourage 2008.

I suggest that you contact Microsoft to hear how they expect it to work. However, my understanding is that “connection action” is for POP messages. You can remove IMAP/Exchange messages from the server by moving them to a local folder. This will happen automatically if you follow the normal SpamSieve setup.