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Web Archive Handling (EagleFiler vs Yojimbo)

I’ve been evaluating these 2 programs and so far has been very much impressed by EF mainly due to its “open” folder structure system. One thing that I found out recently that bother me was related to the handling of web archive, I found that out accidentally when my internet connection was interrupted. For some reason, the web archive generated by EF does not include some of the graphics on the webpage. I subsequently did some search and found some references to the bug in the web kit according to the author of the EF. For comparison purpose, I did a quick experiment and create the web archive for the same site in Yojimbo, the graphics were display properly. This may not be a deal breaker for me, however it might be critical for someone else who did a lot of offline browsing. This is one of the sites that were having problem with:


There are actually two bugs in Web Kit. One (which seems to be very rare) causes some resources (mainly images) to not be saved in the Web archive file. The more common bug prevents some of the resources from being displayed, even though they are stored in the Web archive file.

To my knowledge, the first bug affects all software that creates Web archives, although as I said it’s rare and only applies to a few pages. EagleFiler (and, I think Yojimbo, too) works around the second bug so that it can load and display all of the resources in the Web archive file, even though Safari would show the images as missing if you double-clicked the Web archive file while offline.

The URL that you mentioned seems to be an example of the second case. I created a Web archive of it using EagleFiler, and it looks correct if I view it offline in EagleFiler. If I view it offline in Safari, the images are missing. So I think EagleFiler is doing the right thing here. If you’re seeing different behavior, please let me know, and please include some specifics about your OS, browser, how you’re creating the Web archive, etc.

Thanks for your quick reply. It is very reassuring to hear that all graphics are captured, and I can confirm that they have been displayed properly in EF (but not in Safari). Yojimbo has the same problem, initially I was confuse as double clicking in Yojimbo open up a new window in Yojimbo that display the content properly (when offline), I was under the impression that was in Safari. Anyway, I’m very satisfy with what EF can offer and have purchase the license. MT, keep up the good work!