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Web clipping from iOS?

It feels like there should be a way to capture highlighted content from a web page on iOS / iPadOS, and clip it to a file as a webarchive (or RTF) that can be auto-imported by Eaglefiler via an iCloud directory accessible from both iOS and macOS. Has anyone seen such a thing?

It’s certainly possible, but not without some intermediate steps. I use Drafts on iOS to save clipped text to a dedicated folder in iCloud Drive. A combination of Drafts and custom actions in Goodlinks can sometimes be convenient as well. That allows me to convert web pages to markdown.

On my mac, I use Hazel to move those files to my Eaglefiler folder (also in iCloud Drive).

Having my Eaglefiler folder in iCloud Drive means I can also easily browse files on my iPad that I’ve moved to Eaglefiler on my mac.

There are some tips here.