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Welcome messages always appearing

Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, though I couldn’t see it, if it is.

I’ve just bought a new iMac and installed SpamSieve. I followed the instructions for Apple Mail, and began training with a few emails. However, every time I launch Mail, the window instructing me how to install SpamSieve appears, followed by the Statistics window, and finally the Help window.

It’s driving me silly - please help!

(Running 10.6.2)

SpamSieve will show the Welcome and associated windows until it’s been trained with both good and spam messages.

Welcome messages
If I have thoroughly understood the “good/bad learning” process, I feel these welcome help and statistics windows to be very irritating. This after a reinstallation of system (MacOS 10.6.2, latest SS, and Mail) with a few email work sources that have very few spam. If there is a way to train with spam imported from other email accounts (?), then please advise, otherwise I strongly recommend you modify/deactivate this behaviour.
Many thanks
Martin (otherwise very satisfied user)

SpamSieve will stop bringing up those windows when you’ve trained it with at least one good message and one spam one. So it should be very easy for you to get rid of the irritation. If you haven’t trained it at all, I think SpamSieve should be alerting you that something is wrong.