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What if it's "spam" from someone you know?

We have some family members who are new to the world of email… they often send us these annoying “forwards” about being patriotic, christian, chain emails so we spread the “good luck” etc.

How can I get SS to recognize these forwards, but keep the original correspondence from these senders (who ARE in my address book)?

I use Apple Mail.


The normal configuration is to have Use Mac OS X address book checked in SpamSieve’s preferences, so that messages from people in your address book will always be classified as good. You can uncheck this if you wish to ignore the address book and instead have SpamSieve classify these messages based on their contents. However, if you train messages from these people as spam, make sure that you (afterwards) train some messages from them as good so that SpamSieve knows you don’t want to reject all messages from them.