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What to do when spam is coming from a "contact"?

SpamSieve is running really, REALLY well. Only a few things are getting through… the occasional .PDF spam message, and…

Many, MANY spam messages that say they are coming from a specific contact in my address book. Let’s call him John Smith.

Every piece of email that is sent from the REAL John Smith does, indeed, come through to my inbox. However, there are about 10-20 emails a day that SAY they are coming from John Smith, but really are just random spam emails. I train all these messages as spam, however this has done nothing to lower the frequence at which these messages get through.

I imagine that other people have had somewhat similar situations, and wanted some input on how they are getting around this irritating problem.

Don’t get me wrong - SS has done an incredible job since I purchased it. Many hundreds of emails a day are being successfully found, and blocked.


You should of course keep training these message as spam if they are spam.

However, if you have Use Mac OS X Address Book checked, SpamSieve will always say that messages from this address are good. It’s a safety feature—that’s how it works. At this point, your options are:

  1. Do nothing. Good messages from John Smith will always get through, as will all the forged spam messages.
  2. Uncheck “Use Mac OS X Address Book,” so that SpamSieve ignores the address book entirely.
  3. Remove John Smith’s address from the address book.
  4. Add John Smith’s address to the “Me” card in Address Book and make sure that Exclude my addresses is checked. SpamSieve will continue to use the address book for other addresses, but it will pretend that John Smith is not in the address book. Messages from his address will be statistically classified based on their entire contents.

I’d recommend (1) or (4).