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What's up with the update?!!

I just dutifully allowed SpamSieve to update to 2.9.2 (my OS is Lion 10.7.4) … immediately upon completion, what had been a VERY PLEASANT spam-free existence is back to the horror of life when I used NO spam filter whatsoever. Messages from senders who were previously filtered by SpamSieve and sent directly to the “Spam” folder in MacMail now remain in my inbox … ARGH!!!

I want my previously life back … what do I do? Do I seriously have to allow SpamSieve to relearn all those senders that were already known and so effectively filtered for the past three months? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Just a quick note to let you know that - prior to submitting that previous reply - I did go through each item in document 8.1.1 “Checking the Apple Mail Setup” … all settings are correct. HELP!

What happened when you did the test described there? Also, please see the What information should I include when I report a problem? page.

Resolved: thank you, Michael!
Thankfully, after, my “p.s.” message above … I noticed that spam messages were, in fact, again being routed appropriately to my “Spam” folder. Apparently, the process of testing whether the spam works outlined in Document 8.1.1 Checking the Apple Mail Setup, got the rule working again. Note, however, that all settings did seem to be correct prior to this test (following my upgrade), yet the spam remained in my inbox. Actually following the specific steps of this test to check “that the rule works” appears to have forced the rule application to initiate again appropriately. A minor frustration … but I’m so glad to be free of spam again!!

Thank you, Michael, for your quick follow-up.