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When does the training stop?

If I keep getting a few emails that come in that I think are spam but SpamSieve doesn’t can I still use the train as Spam even with these stats.

I assume it will take a month or so for it to properly sort things out?

Filtered Mail
10,209 Good Messages
814 Spam Messages (7%)
2,973 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1 False Positives
71 False Negatives (99%)
99.3% Correct

436 Good Messages
730 Spam Messages (63%)
108,134 Total Words

225 Blocklist Rules
2,227 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
17/12/2013 12:07

You should always correct the mistakes, i.e. train spam messages in the inbox as spam and good messages in the Spam mailbox as good.

It should be much quicker than that.