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Where is Spam

Hoi Michael,
I have removed the Spam mailbox, so that all spam ends up in the unregulated advertising mailbox. If I then select all these messages and click on “Spamsieve Train as spam” in “Message” where does the spam go?
Kind regards

If the spam is already being automatically caught, those messages are not SpamSieve mistakes and should not be trained (except as part of an initial training). When you train a message as spam, it should move to the location specified using the Change Settings command.

Hi Michael,

I have a similar problem. Since a few weeks I don’t longer see my spams. Before, they go to Spam Folder. Now nothing in Spam Folder, nothing in Deleted Folder.

I tried to close mail on my iMac ; I received a spam into Mail on my iPhone. Then I re-opened Mail on my iMac. The Spam was there in the Inbox. I clicked in Menu Message (in Mail) and clicked in "SpamSieve - Drive (? in French: Entraîner) as spam. Immediately the spam disappears and I Don’t find anywhere.

For 1-2 weeks, I looked in all the Menues: I don’t find an option for saying SpamSieve where it must place the spams.

Otherwise, I’m very happy with SpamSieve. It’s a very good application.

Thanx for helping me. Regards.

In English, it’s called SpamSieve - Change Settings. In French, it’s called SpamSieve - Changer les réglages. I recommend telling it to use the special Junk mailbox and then setting that in Mail to be on the server.

Oh Thanx a lot !!! Mille mercis.