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Why is an inbox created each time I save an email in office 2011

I am using office 2011 and every time i capture an email it creates a new inbox in the library. So If I capture 5 emails then it creates 5 inboxes with an email in each inbox. Can I not capture all 5 emails in the same inbox?

Each capture creates a new mailbox. If you select 5 e-mails at once and capture, EagleFiler will put them all in the same mailbox. If you made multiple separate captures, you can use the Merge Mailboxes command to combine the files. You can also use a script for Apple Mail or Outlook to import the selected messages as individual .eml files.

This behavior is really really annoying. What I would like to have is one mailbox in EagleFiler per mailbox in Mail.app (or Outlook). If I do 10 different captures from the Inbox mailbox in Mail.app, I would expect ONE Inbox mailbox in EagleFiler with 10 messages in it and not 10 different mailboxes. What’s the difference between capturing 10 different messages at once or separate? Why the different behavior?

Any hope you could implement this behavior?



The difference is that when you do separate captures EagleFiler would need to:

  • Know that you want to add the messages to a pre-existing mailbox. Not everyone wants to do this, and certainly not every time.
  • Know which mailbox in your library matches up with the mailbox in Mail or Outlook that you were importing from. It could guess, but it would be very easy to guess incorrectly.
  • Be able to add messages to an existing mailbox, which EagleFiler currently doesn’t know how to do. (There are various performance, interface, and data integrity issues that make this challenging.)

These are all features that I would like to implement, but that’s why it currently works the way it does. Mailboxes work best when you are doing infrequent bulk imports. If you usually import just a few messages, and you want them to go into an existing folder, it’s easier to use the Import From Apple Mail or Import From Outlook script to import as individual .eml files.