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Width of Source List Window

As for Source List window, I have seen the following.

To adjust the width of Source List window, I drag ‘|||’ mark around bottom of this window and try to move it left or right.

When I push this mark to the most left side of window, then this window disappears, and I have only Record List window and Record Viewer.

For a moment, I fall in a panic state and search all the EF menu to restore this window. Finally, I restore it after mouse over on the most left side border of EF window and drag out to the right side a bit intentionally.

Of course, this may absolutely come from stupid action of new comer like me, but, is my action the right way to restore Source List window? Or, there is some EF menu that I missed over?

When I try to do the same stupid action in Mail.app, decreasing the width of mail-box window might be blocked to the minimum width determined by folder icon of Mailbox or plus mark.


The command to hide/reveal the Source List is in the “Show” submenu of the “View” Menu. A short cut “cmd-|” appears there but is not documented, as far as I can tell, in the manual or help. (Michael, please update.)

Good luck!

Thank you for kind answer.

Yes, I can show and hide Source List window using Menu and Shortcut now.

When I drag and drop everything on the Record window, I think that Two pane configuration is not so bad.

From now, I can use Two Pane (if required) without a panic.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

It’s already documented.

I was referring to the keyboard shortcut shown in the menu, Michael, not the double-click shortcut. I don’t think that “cmd-|” is listed in the shortcuts section of the manual or help.


Oh, I thought you meant that the command itself wasn’t documented. My original idea was for the Shortcuts section of the manual to only document the shortcuts that aren’t shown in the menus, i.e. the ones that people are less likely to figure out themselves. Do you think it should list everything? I don’t want people to miss the interesting shortcuts because it looks like a list of what they already know.

When I forget a shortcut, I usually look first in the shortcut list. So, yes I’d prefer that everything be there. I’m sure some people search Help first. So I think that shortcuts for menu items should also be displayed with the Help for those items.

Have you ever tried searching from the Help menu? Taking the source list example, if you type “Source List,” it will show you the ”View > Show > Source List” command and the keyboard shortcut right there. This works in any application, and it automatically stays up-to-date if you customize the menu shortcuts.

Good idea. I used to ignore that feature because it interfered with getting to the textual Help, but now I see that it can save a lot of time.