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Work with Readability?

Are you familiar with Arc90’s Readability? It is a great new technology that allows you to view web pages without all the distractions. It basically figures out what part of a page is the article and hides all the rest. You place their Bookmark in the toolbar (I have Safari), then when on, say, a Reuters article you click their Bookmark and it completely revamps the page into beautiful text - highly readable.

EagleFiler doesn’t seem to capture the Readability version. When I capture with options, it captures the original page, not the page that is actually on the screen. I can understand why that is how it works (roughly), but wondered if you could give some thought to allowing them to work together.

When doing web captures for research, Readability would work great in my workflow for capturing from EagleFiler. It makes what I capture in EagleFiler so much more useful.

Thanks for any consideration! (Still looking forward to that Universal Capture with Options :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure that’s not possible because Readability, Aardvark and other tools like that are using Javascript to manipulate the page in the client space. They aren’t generating a new dynamic page on a server anywhere that a separate program could download from. EagleFiler, and any other clipping application, has to get the web page from the web server, not the browser, and the web server is completely ignorant of what browsers do to served content once they’ve left the Internet.

This has come up before. Like AmberV says, Readability just uses Javascript to manipulate the displayed page. The best way of capturing right now is to click the print button on the top left of the Readability page and Print to EagleFiler. I regularly use it.


When you import a URL (or press the capture key) EagleFiler downloads the page from the server, so it can’t see the version in your browser that Readability has modified. You could save the page as a Web archive, use “Save PDF to EagleFiler,” drag and drop the text, or use the “EagleFiler: Import” system service to import the selected text.

My bad…

I don’t why I didn’t think of just printing it to PDF/EagleFiler. That works just as good. I do that all the time.

Thanks for the reminder.

With EagleFiler 1.6, it is possible to have EagleFiler pre-process Web pages before importing them.