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1.3.3 re-indexing?

Thanks for 1.3.3, Michael!

So many changes in a ‘minor release’. Wonderful.

Am I right that on relaunch after install EF completely re-indexes all its records? And that this can take a fair time - in my case with 4,500 records and an EF Library of 65 MB - almost 30 minutes?


When you open a library, EagleFiler scans all the files to see if they need reindexing. A file needs to be reindexed if (a) it was modified, or (b) EagleFiler’s indexer for that file type has been improved. With EagleFiler 1.3.3, all “non-standard” files, for which EagleFiler indexes using a Spotlight plug-in rather than reading directly, will be reindexed. How long this takes will depend on many factors, including the number and size of the files to be indexed, whether you have phrase indexing enabled, the speed of your Mac and its disk, and the number of other files that are in the index.

Thanks; it’s re-indexed them all.

Looking forward to using it :slight_smile: