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1 spam keeps slipping past SS

somehow, even after adding their email to the blacklist, and training 5 of their emails as spam, they keep getting past.

how is this possible?

Because the mail program could be setup to not show those messages to SpamSieve. Or SpamSieve could be configured to always let them through. Please see this page.

very odd… I found 1 error in my “SpamSieve - Move Messages” as I had it set “if all…” rather than “if any…”

could that cause this? not sure how I did this as I have used SS for a very long time.

I checked the 1-4 setup steps, the above was the only issue,
I did the 1-4 test and it worked correctly on a piece of spam.

BTW, much farther down my Rules list, I have a Rule setup to take emails to this address and

  1. change category color
  2. move to inbox
  3. play a sound

this would not be an issue would it since the SS rules fire first?

Yes, that would prevent SpamSieve from moving the spams out of your inbox.

If the two SpamSieve rules are first, the other rules will not affect spam messages.

thanks… I will find out tomorrow as they send 1 day.