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10.5, Apple Junk mail and SpamSieve

I use SpamSieve with Apple’s Junk mail turned on to speed the deletion of the spam. After getting everything reconfigured SpamSieve was not moving the good mail out of the Junk folder. It was moving out the stuff that was processed by other rules but not the stuff that was not moved by a rule. The mail in the Junk mail folder was not colored.

To get around the problem, I added a “Last Rule” that moved any remaining mail back into the inbox.

The Junk mail custom actions now has a simple command to put all mail into the Junk mail folder for SpamSieve - Just move any of the message type mail

The SpamSieve setup instructions specifically say to turn off Mail’s Junk Mail Filter, for good reason.

Then you should not put information like this in the manual:

4.2.2 Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages

Mail has a feature, accessible from the Mailbox Behaviors (or Special Mailboxes) tab of the Accounts preferences, that can automatically delete old spam messages from the Junk mailbox. You can use this feature if you tell SpamSieve to put spam messages in the Junk mailbox instead of the Spam mailbox.

(Note: If you do this, be careful not to use the Junk and Not Junk buttons that will appear in Mail when the Junk mailbox is active; you should always use the SpamSieve - Train as Good and SpamSieve - Train as Spam commands instead. You can use the Customize Toolbar… command in Mail’s View menu to remove the Junk button from the toolbar. Also, if you select a message that SpamSieve has classified as spam, Mail will show a banner saying that you marked it as junk. Ignore this.)

To tell SpamSieve to use the Junk mailbox, open Mail’s Preferences window and click on Junk Mail. Enable Mail’s junk mail filtering in Automatic mode, then click Advanced… and edit the rule such that the conditions don’t match any messages. For example, use these two conditions:

Message is addressed to my full name
Message is not addressed to my full name
Click OK to close the sheet. Do not make any further changes to the Junk Mail preferences. It should still be in Automatic mode, and you can ignore the rest of the window.

Go to the Rules section of Mail’s preferences and change the SpamSieve rule to move the messages to the Junk mailbox instead of the Spam mailbox. Finally, choose SpamSieve - Change Settings from Mail’s Message menu and, when prompted, say that the name of your spam mailbox is Junk.

This section describes how to prevent Mail’s Junk Mail Filter from doing anything, while still having it enabled (so that Mail will show the Junk mailbox). If this is what you’re doing, I apologize—I thought you were saying that you were trying to filter out more spam by using both spam filters simultaneously. That is not recommended.

Frankly, I don’t understand the rest of your first post. Are you reporting that the “SpamSieve - Train as Good” command only moves some messages out of the Junk mailbox?

I’d expect that the only messages in the Junk mailbox that you were training as good would be the rare ones that SpamSieve had move there incorrectly. These would be messages moved there by the “SpamSieve” rule. So I don’t understand the part about “processed by other rules but not the stuff that was not moved by a rule.” Which messages moved by “other rules” or “not moved by a rule” are going into the Junk mailbox and being trained as good?

I don’t understand. When is this rule being applied? Using “Train as Good” does not apply any rules.

But if you’ve setup the Junk rule according to 4.2.2, the conditions should never be satisfied, so the actions are irrelevant…

Prior to 10.5 SpamSieve would process all mail correctly. Any mail moved to another mailbox by a Mail Rule would get there and the remainder would go into the inbox. With 10.5 only the mail that is moved to another mailbox by a Mail Rule is moved. The remainder that would go into the inbox remains in the Junk mailbox (uncolored). At first, I did a train as good to move it into the inbox but that got a bit tedious. To get around the problem I added a Mail Rule to move the mail into the inbox. This Rule is executed as the “last rule” and thus the name.

The Junk mail rule to get all the incoming mail into the junk mailbox for Spamsieve got a little easer. You just move all “message type” MAIL (versus note or RSS) to Junk.

OK, I was confused because you said “remains”; that seemed to indicate that the messages started out in the Junk mailbox and remained there. But as I understand you now, you’re saying that unfiltered incoming messages, which haven’t yet gone into any mailbox, are going into Junk instead of the inbox. Is that right?

It doesn’t seem likely that this problem is due to SpamSieve, since you’ve said that the messages aren’t colored. (You could check SpamSieve’s log to see whether it predicted these messages to be spam.) It sounds like there’s a problem with the custom Junk rule that you created per 4.2.2.

I don’t think this will cause any problems, but neither am I sure why it’s necessary. I’ve never heard of this problem before. Could you post screenshots of the Junk Mail tab of Mail’s preferences and your custom Junk rule?

I had the purpose of the Apple Junk mail rule confused and I was delivering all mail to the junk mail folder rather than none of the mail.

Glad you figured it out.