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100,000 spam emails that are not in junk box

Hi I almost gave up on my native spam filters and have just discovered SpamSieve today. I’ve installed it and trained it and got it working with the GUI upgrade for Mavericks.

Its all amazing so far!

The problem I have is I have 100,000 historical spam emails that I just couldn’t face deleting. What do I do now?

Here are the stats so far but what I want to know is what do I do with all those old emails do I just delete them or do I use them to train SpamSieve?

Filtered Mail
10,245 Good Messages
742 Spam Messages (7%)
3,144 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1 False Positives
10 False Negatives (91%)
99.9% Correct

443 Good Messages
667 Spam Messages (60%)
103,914 Total Words

133 Blocklist Rules
2,211 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
17/12/2013 12:07

You don’t need them to train SpamSieve. You’re already at 99.9% accuracy, and training it with additional messages is not recommended.

It’s definitely a good idea to delete the spams from your e-mail client and server. Personally, I archive all my old spam to EagleFiler. You could do that if you want to save them for historical interest or if there’s a chance that some of them aren’t actually spam. Otherwise, just delete them.

Ok so either delete or Use this EagleFiler. Cool.

Maybe I can do a combination of both delete unwanted emails and then store the rest with EagleFiler?

I’ll do some reading on Eagle Filer but is it automated i.e. after about 6 months of SPamSieve working EagleFiler can just store emails that were important at the time but aren’t spam and so I can alway access them again if I need it?

Is that possible?


It’s not automated to that level, but you could create a smart mailbox in Mail to show only your old messages. Then it just takes keypress to import those messages from Mail.