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12/31/69 7:00 pm

I just imported a large folder from Apple Mail with 1744 messages dating back to 2003 into EF 1.5. EF shows many of the messages with the date in the title (the Unix “beginning of time”?) although Mail shows them with correct dates. The mis-dated messages come from several different senders.

I can live with this as long as recent messages are imported correctly but I’m curious to know the explanation for this problem. If there’s a fix that would be great.

— Jonathan

The date is in the title? I don’t think I’ve seen that before. EagleFiler will show the default Unix date if it’s unable to read the message’s Date header. If you could export some of the messages and send them to me, I can see whether there’s a way to improve EagleFiler’s date parsing.

message dates
Sorry, I meant EF showed the date of the message as “12/31/69 7:00 pm,” which was the title of the thread.

It seems the affected messages do not have Date: headers, but the date is buried in a Received: header.