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2.7.2 Installation Issue

I downloaded the 2.7.2 update the other night and let it “do its thing” regarding instalation. But, now I get the “Apple Mail Plug-in Not Installed” window. If I use the “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” command from SpamSieve I get a Finder window displaying the contents of a private directory that through several levels of folders ultimately is pointing to a SpamSieve.mailbundle folder. I can’t find the actual mailbundle via a Spotlight search, hover.

So the upshot is that I don’t think SpamSieve is working now. Any advice or suggestions?

Why do you need to search for it? SpamSieve showed you the .mailbundle and asked you to copy it to:


By the way, I’m trying to track down why some people are having trouble installing the plug-in. Which version of Mac OS X are you using? Do you see any errors from SpamSieve in the Console application?

OK, so the entire folder and its contents is the “SpamSieve.mailbundle.” I put that in the requested directory so I guess it’s working now.

I use 10.5.5. When I moved the mailbundle into the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles directory I had to authenticate myself. Is that expected? Maybe that’s why the bundle failed to self-install…?

If you see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message window, the plug-in is installed.

That’s not expected. The installer expects authentication to be unnecessary because it’s installing into your home folder, so it will fail if it doesn’t have permission to replace the folder.