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2.8.6 update causing problems with IMAP server sync

Since installing 2.8.6, Apple Mail will no longer sync correctly with my IMAP server. I installed your update on my MacBook Pro and had serious issues with syncing to my IMAP server — it was causing messages to duplicate multiple times and not be deleted from the server when deleted from the Apple client. The Apple Mail client will no longer close correctly.

I was able to replicate on my iMac machine as well. Apple Mail was working fine until I applied the 2.8.6 update. This update has crippled my email!

I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t think this change was caused by the 2.8.6 update. SpamSieve does not interact with the IMAP server at all, and the parts of its plug-in that hook into Apple Mail did not change in the recent update. So my guess would be that a change on your server caused these symptoms.

However, if you want you could uncheck the “SpamSieve” rule in Mail’s preferences and remove the file:


and see whether the situation improves.

What’s incorrect about the closing?

IMAP server issue with update
I was able to confirm this was the cause of the IMAP issue. I uninstalled SpamSieve completely using these instructions:

Once I did this and restarted Apple Mail, I was able to delete mail in the client and it was reflected on the server. I am now able to close Apple Mail without it hanging as well. SpamSieve was a controlled variable and isolated to cause this issue.

I am now not using SpamSieve until this is resolved. This issue really crippled my use of email yesterday and today.


Please look in the folders:


Which files do you see?

If Mail is hanging, you should use the “Sample Process” command in the Activity Monitor utility to record what it’s doing and submit the sample file via e-mail.

I believe there are several other variables here, such as your IMAP server, as well as restarting Mail. So it would help to isolate the issue more if you were to reinstall the SpamSieve plug-in. As no one else has reported these issues (ever), there’s unlikely to be any resolution otherwise.