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2.9.16 upload driving me mad

every time I log on, I am told to update to …16

I follow the instructions, close mail etc etc etc bla bla bla

it says it is uploaded and will open as .16 the next time

BUT IT NEVER SODDIN DOES and always reverts back to

so on both mac and macbook I get the same irritating update request every sodden time I log on, re-try the download and again get nowhere.

before I just delete this software to be rid of the constant wont go away irritating update message which is more nuisance than the spam itself … is there an update process that actually works

I am no coder programmer or massive anorak, so in simple and inoffensive language pl Mr Ccommand

I’m sorry to hear that the automatic update is not working for you. We’ve not received any other reports of this problem, so there’s no way to know what would be causing that. My guess is that maybe you have multiple copies of the SpamSieve app installed, and this is confusing things somehow.

At this point, it would probably be easiest for you to follow the Manual Updating instructions to do the update by drag and drop. If you need further assistance, please contact me by e-mail and include some screenshots showing what you did and what happened.

Nope, manual upload resets every time I re-log in. I have deleted.15, loaded .16 (probably a dozen times now) and every time I log in I get the same series of pop ups telling me that I need to upgrade, even when I have (around a dozen times)

these messages are more irritating than the spam itself (and you don’t pay for the spam)

sorry but this crap has cost me money in lost time and there is little point in wasting any more effort on it

please email instructions on how to delete everything from my system, including all of the scripts etc

ps, the train spam for the mobile is just rubbish, it still comes through

this has been a total waste of time

I will go and find something that works - and with a decent support service

There is no way that an update can “reset.” If you replace the old version with the new version, the old version is gone. It is not even on our Web site anymore. So it sounds to me like you still have the old version on your Mac and did not actually replace it (or perhaps there were multiple copies of the old version and you replaced one of them). Normally, SpamSieve would be installed in the Applications folder, so there would only ever be one copy.

When you get the window saying that you need to update, you can Command-click on the SpamSieve icon in the Dock. This will reveal the location of the SpamSieve.app file in the Finder so that you can see what you need to replace with the new version.

This is all explained in the Uninstalling SpamSieve section of the manual.

In order for SpamSieve to keep the spam off your mobile device, both the Mac and the mobile device need to be configured to connect to the mail server via IMAP or Exchange. Once you do this, they will show the exact same mailboxes and messages, and, thus, the mobile device will see the spam in the Spam mailbox (since the Mac has put it there). This is not really a feature of SpamSieve, just a consequence of the way e-mail syncing is supposed to work in general.

I’ve been trying to help you, but since you never replied with the requested information, all I can really do is guess at what the problem might be.