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2.9.17 not installing correctly?


I’ve updated Spamsieve to latest version and when I now re-install the Apple Mail plugins Spamsieve no longer appears in rules. I’ve tried deleting / reinstalling / rebooting etc.

I can still see Messages > Spamsieve options and I can flag mail as good or spam but nothing is being caught on receipt.

Any recommendations? I’m running 10.9.5


The contents of Apple Mail’s Rules preferences have nothing to do with installing SpamSieve or SpamSieve’s plug-in. Missing or unsaved rules are typically caused by problems with the file permissions in Mail’s folders or by problems with iCloud. Are you able to re-create the SpamSieve rule? If so, does it persist between launches of Mail?

Hi Michael that appears to have fixed things - thanks. I didn’t reemeber having to reset the rules when I previously updated and that threw me. Best.

Normally, you shouldn’t need to. But sometimes Mail’s files get messed up (especially if you are using iCloud) and it forgets its rules.