2.9.21 Update certificate error

When attempting to update to 2.9.21 I get the following error:

The certificate for this server is invalid.
You might be connecting to a server that
is pretending to be “c-command.com
which could put your confidential information at risk.

Would you like to connect to the server anyway?

In addition, the only option is “Okay” and the only way to close the dialog is to quit SpamSieve.

Which version of Mac OS X are you using? What are you using for your Internet connection? Do you get an error if you go to the secure Web site in Safari?

OS X 10.9.5, Mail Version 7.3 (1878.6), Safari Version 7.1.8 (9537.

I get an invalid certificate error in Safari as well. I have a DSL connection via FrontierNet in Rochester, NY.

I’m not sure what to make of that, since Safari has no complaints for me on 10.9.5. Would you be able to post a screenshot of what Safari shows in its error message or when you click on the lock icon in its location bar?

By the way, you can always follow the manual updating instructions and download SpamSieve from the non-secure site. If you want to verify the download:

$ md5 SpamSieve-2.9.21.dmg 
MD5 (SpamSieve-2.9.21.dmg) = 6daeea5030b33250c57f8eed4477f0c7

Here’s what I get:



Thanks. Here’s what I have. It looks like you are getting the right certificate but are missing the certification authority that says it’s authentic. I’m not sure why this would be. I’ll check with the server folks. Thanks for your patience.


Please go to the Date & Time pane in System Preferences and make sure that the time is correct.